• Capabilities Statements

Capabilities Statements are one of the many business mysteries.  Some firms use them to great success while others never have.  Think of a Capabilities Statement as a means to open the door to future business opportunities for your firm.  It should provoke enough interest for a firm to want to meet with you and discuss possible future teaming arrangements while not giving away too much information.  


Participate in this 1 hour webinar and learn: 

  • What information is to be contained in a Capabilities Statement and why? 
  • What is the purpose of a capabilities statement?
  • When do you use the short version and when do you use the long one? 


  • Capture Strategy: The Power of Knowing Your Market

This course will explain how to create an effective marketing strategy.  Specifically, student in this class will learn about the various tools necessary to identify their market, its key-players, and how they make their purchases.  At the end of this course, student in the course will have a firm understanding of who to target, why to target them, and when to target them. 


In this course, you will learn:

  • How to Identify Who Buys What You Sell
  • The Various Types of Methods/ Tools Utilized by Contracting Officers to Make Purchases
  • How to Identify & Create the Tools You Need to Capture Customers


  • From Good to Great! Capture Strategy for Government Contractors

This event will provide a detailed overview on how to generate business leads in the federal, state and local government space and how to implement a successful business capture strategy.  If you are a small business seeking to obtain a stronger more aggressive business development plan, you don’t want to miss this event.

This event is unique in that it will combine information on business development strategies and professional development.


Attendees will:

  • Obtain guidelines on how to generate business leads
  • Develop a better understanding of relationship building with buyers
  • Learn to establish strategic alliances to increase opportunities
  • Understand the Business Capture Planning Process
  • Determine how to develop a competitive edge
  • Participate in the open forum Q&A’s session


  • Marketing Strategy for Government Contractors

Are you looking to leverage your companies capabilities to win new federal contracting business? Avoid a common mistake many firms make, which is; the lack of an actionable federal marketing strategy. This course will provide sound, simple actionable strategies for selling to federal agencies.


Attendees will learn about:

  • How to set actionable marketing goals and measurable objectives to accomplish that goal
  • The Federal Contracting business environment: Federal customers, OSDBUs, Contracting personnel, competitors
  • How to tailor your company’s offerings
  • Key business relationships
  • Marketing materials; websites, Capabilities briefing, brochures


  • How to Demonstrate Past Performance

Demonstrating that your company has successfully completed contracts for other agencies instills confidence in program managers, contracting officers and other decision makers about working with your company.  


Attendees Will Learn To:

  • Foster a strong database of references.
  • Follow-up with past and present customers regarding your company’s performance.
  • Address past performance when responding to RFPs.


  • How To Use Your Website, Email Marketing, Content and Social Media To Connect with Government Decision Makers and Potential Partners

In this webinar, you will learn integrated approach to on-line marketing, positioning your brand and selling products and services using your website and other on-line tools. We’ll review how contracting partners and the Federal, State and Local Governments use on-line media. We will then take you through a step-by-step process that focuses on best practices for building interactive web sites, sharing content, building a social media presence, building email marketing lists, communicating with email and how to use analytics to grow your business.

This webinar is for you if you are confused by on-line marketing. This webinar is for you if you’ve asked… Do I need a website? How do I get the most out of the website I already have? Should I use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media tools? How do I use email and other marketing tools to communicate with customers, prospects and potential partners? How do I pull it all together and make it work to drive sales. In this webinar you will be challenged to assess your on-line presence. We will help take the confusion out of online marketing.


  • Secrets to Successful Contracting with the State of Maryland

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to understand what it takes to sell to the Maryland state government.  “Secrets to Successful Contracting with the State of Maryland” is designed for businesses that are currently in operation and wish to succeed in gaining some government sub-contracting or direct government contracts.  The State of Maryland spent approximately 58.2 billion dollars in FY2011.  Maryland has 20 executive departments and 55 independent agencies.  Each has a wide range of goods and services that they buy.

Find out how to do business with Maryland.  Gain an understanding of the procurement registration requirements here in MD. Learn how to market your company to state agencies. The workshop is centered on what market research tools are available to determine which agency make what purchases and how to position your company as one from whom they should buy.