Hillman Entrepreneur Program


During the fiscal year, the Maryland PTAC utilized and worked with students in the Hilman Entrepreneurs Program as interns.

The David H. and Suzanne D Hillman Family Foundation created the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program by partnering with the UMD and Prince George's Community College in 2006. Since then, the program has supported students who might not otherwise be able to afford a college education.

In the spring of 2013, the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program expanded its reach to offer enrollment to students at Montgomery College (MC). The first cohort of MC Hillman Entrepreneurs joined the Program in Hanurary 2013. The expansion augments the Program's efforts to create a vibrant community of students that share a common entrepreneurial mindset, but have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations.

Our experience with the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program has been exceptional and we were delighted with the quality of work produced by their students in every segment of our organization. The students we mentored had excellent problem-solving skills. They demonstrated great initiative and team work. Our Hillman interns learned quickly and enthusiastically tackled areas unfamiliar to them thereby increasing their knowledge and skill base. The interns were very productive from earely on in their placement and we found them a pleasure to work with and extremely conscientious and diligent regarding their internships with the organization.

The Maryland PTAC recognizes the importance of experiential learning opportunities for both the educational advancement of students and the growth of host employers' business and organizations. Here at the Maryland PTAC, the Hillman students have the opportunity to gain experience that will make them stronger and competitive both in business and in the job market. Our Hillman interns are well organized, creative and diverse thinkers.

In summary, the Student Intern Placement Program is extremely valuable and we would highly recommend this program to other organizations.